A Brand-New Look With Window Shutters

We all know how cute and convenient blinds are, but we rarely talk about window shutters. They can be easily installed on any window and offer you the privacy and protection you need and want. Window shutters can be installed on the inside and the outside, depending on what your home needs.

If you install them on the inside, you’ll get privacy, shade, protection from the outside world, and you’ll give your home a unique look. If you install them on the outside, you’ll get all of the same things but also protection against storms. That means that shutters will keep you safe and cozy regardless of the weather outside. In a country like Australia, where the weather goes from one extreme to another, this is extremely good news.

There are many types of window shutters, and Shade Solutions QLD allows you to choose your favourite. You can easily fit the shutters to your interior design and transform your home into something amazing.

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Those who always feel like all eyes are on their home will be really happy with our high-quality privacy screens with full or varied privacy.  You can choose between the aluminium, powder coated and timber look to give your home the modern edge it needs. We also do custom designs to fit into those awkward areas.

Fixed Screen Shutters

All of our aluminium screens are custom-made to fit external windows and doors and are designed to match the look and feel of your premises. They are ideal for balconies, windows and are completely functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Your fixed aluminium screen will offer a decorative option whilst also providing security and privacy.

Fixed aluminium screen options include:

  • 90mm & 115mm Thermoset Powder coated Aluminium aerofoil louvres
  • 5 standard colours with your choice of custom colours
  • Key lockable


Fixed position or sliding options available.

Adjustable Aluminium Shutters

A Shade Solutions Qld custom made Adjustable Aluminium Shutter guarantees your home or commercial space privacy and security. It also creates a streamlined and minimalistic look. Something slick and modern is just what your home or commercial space needs to achieve the full potential of its beauty.

Adjustable Aluminium Shutter options include:

  • 90mm & 115mm Thermoset Powder coated Aluminium aerofoil louvres
  • 5 standard colours with an additional choice of custom colours
  • High wind option available
  • Balcony rated system available
  • Fixed, sliding, bi-fold or hinged operations
  • Key Lockable, patio bolts

There are many extras to consider, too.
Whether you need window shutters to enhance your home’s beauty, to introduce more privacy to the premises, or to protect yourself from bad weather- you’re going to fall in love with them quickly. You’ll finally get some peace and quiet while staying protected from wet weather and the hot summer sun. Thanks to extensive years of experience, Shade Solutions QLD knows how important window shutters are for any home. Not only do they increase the value of your home and make it better, but they also improve your life in ways you didn’t think were possible.