The Highest-Quality Folding Arm Awnings In Australia

Shade Solutions Qld offer an extensive range of Folding Arm Awnings. These awnings are a simple yet effective solution, ideal for courtyards, patios and entertaining areas. They are able to cover vast spaces and solve a myriad of weather issues. Adding folding arm awnings is always a great idea, as they can make your home more beautiful and more sophisticated while also providing you with excellent protection from the weather.

If you’re planning on renovating soon, or you just want to refresh your home’s appearance, you should definitely take folding arm awnings into consideration.

Folding Arm options include:

  •         Widths up to a massive 7m and 4m projection (specific units)
  •         Open Roller, semi cassette and full cassette hood box
  •         Manual crank and gear or motorised operation


Benefits of Folding Arm Awnings


Folding arm awnings are generally more durable because of the retraction feature. This is an investment that’s going to pay itself off in the long run. They won’t get damaged by rough weather or harsh sunlight, which is why they’ll last you longer than an average pair of awnings. When buying at Shade Solutions QLD, you’re counting on the folding arm awnings to be even more durable, as they’ll be made from the highest quality and tailored to your home specifically.


There’s nothing that spells style and class more than folding arm awnings. They can be cute or elegant, quirky or sophisticated, all depending on the kind of look you’re going for. The awnings are bound to give your home more curb appeal and make it more irresistible than anything else. From frames to colours, your folding arm awnings can speak volumes for your home and its style. There aren’t a lot of ways to improve the appearance of the exterior of the home, but these awnings have hit the nail on the head.


Unlike regular awnings, folding arm awnings can be retracted. This means that you have absolute control and freedom over the look of your balcony or patio. When you want privacy- you’ve got it. Is the sun bothering you or is it raining outside but you still want to enjoy the weather? Leave the awnings open. As soon as you want to open your home back up to the world and show everyone the beauty of your patio and balcony, simply use the retraction feature of the awnings. This can also help prolong their lifespan, as they won’t constantly be under the influence of the weather.


Who said that folding arm awnings could only be used for windows and balconies? The possibilities are endless. Whether you want to protect your pool, garden, or car space- you can. This means that you and your family will have the shade you need anywhere in the house. You can even use them to extend the roof patio and make it look even more impressive. When you open the doors of your home to the outside and extend your awnings, you can even make something like an extension of your home interior.

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