The Best Awning Windows On The Australian Market

Australian summers are famous for their intense heat, and their unforgiving nature. It then stands to reason that you want to make the most out of every opportunity to cool off. You want to keep your home cool, the air inside fresh, all the while staying protected from the elements. Well, one of the best ways you can do just that is through awning windows.

Awning windows are most clearly identified by the fact that they are hinged not at the side, but rather, at the top. You use a hand crank that allows you to open and close this window horizontally. Their primary purpose is to protect you from inclement weather. For example, rainstorms that are followed by strong wind can push rain directly into your home through an open window. But, if you have awning windows, you will get some extra cool, fresh air into your home, all the while keeping the place dry.

However, there are many more benefits that come with installing awning windows. Here at Shade Solutions QLD, we offer the best awning windows in Australia, due to our extensive experience in the field, and generally using the best materials on the market.

Improves Your Curb Appeal

Awning windows are a sign that you care about your home, and that you are willing to invest in comfort. They can enhance the look and feel of your home wonderfully, making it more modern and honestly more expensive. Furthermore, we offer a large variety of awning windows in various styles and patterns, so we don’t have a shred of doubt that you will find something that suits your home.

Amazing Versatility

What makes awning windows stand out is just how versatile they are. They can be installed in combination with other types of windows, like gliding, double-hung, bay, or other specialised types of window design. Furthermore, they can be placed above places that usually wouldn’t have room for another window. Places like above a counter or a sink,  in near low hanging roof elements and shingles.

Helps With Energy-Saving

People are becoming more and more conscious of just how important energy saving is. We are all trying to do our best to minimise our ecological footprint, and do our best to protect the environment. Awning windows are a great way to keep our homes green. You can find awning windows with double or triple pane setups, as well as finding window frames made out of fibreglass or vinyl. You will also lower your energy bill since you won’t need to use your air-conditioning as often.

A Good Mix Of Protection And Ventilation

Awning windows will keep your home well ventilated during the most serious of storms. Furthermore, they keep you protected from the elements, while still not obstructing your view. Awning windows are also great if you have landscaping done right outside your home. An awning window will prevent shrubs, leaves, and water coming into your home from a tree right outside your walls.

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