Enjoy The Outside With Cantilever Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas have many types, and cantilever umbrellas are definitely among customer favourites. This is because they fit into any patio or other outside space easily, allowing you to enjoy the day without worrying about sun or rain. They’re large enough to cover the seating area, but don’t overshadow the whole yard, giving you a classy and timeless look.

Aside from the aesthetic and protective nature of the cantilever umbrellas, they’re also popular for many other reasons.

Protecting the Furniture

No matter how high quality your outdoor furniture is, it’s always going to get damaged due to constant exposure to sun and rain. Not to mention that you always have to run outside to put away the couch cushions and other decorative items so as to save them from sudden rain.

With cantilever umbrellas, this isn’t a problem any longer. They’ll take the impact of the rain and absorb the sun, leaving your furniture pristine and intact. This prolongs its life and leaves it looking new for longer periods of time.


Your sitting area can be equipped with the best chairs and couches in the world, but without some shade, it’s still going to be fairly uncomfortable for you and your guests. Nobody likes sitting in the sun for too long and nobody likes getting caught in the rain.

Cantilever umbrellas don’t leave anything up to chance, and they allow you to socialise with your loved ones in a comfy, cozy, and cool atmosphere regardless of the weather conditions. Afternoon drinks with friends or family lunches outside will now be even more enjoyable.


Even though cantilever umbrellas aren’t gigantic, they still offer a healthy dose of privacy. The patio or seating area that you covered will feel like it exists outside the rest of the world. A more intimate atmosphere is perfect for a close get-together with friends, or even a romantic afternoon in the garden with a special someone.


Cantilever umbrellas may be the most convenient to install out of them all. There’s no hole-drilling in the table, no special installations, and no hassles. You can choose any table and seating furniture you want when shopping, without worrying if the cantilever umbrella will fit- because it always will.


You may think that cantilever umbrellas are only useful at certain times of the day because the shade moves with the sun. Thanks to their flexibility, though, cantilever umbrellas can offer protection for the entire day. There are tiltable and rotatable models which can be positioned around 360 degrees. That means that you can simply adjust the umbrella according to your needs.

You can virtually be outside all day in the summer without losing one ounce of shade any minute of the day. It’s never been easier to achieve optimal coverage, regardless of the size of your cantilever umbrella. The flexibility also means that you’ll effectively block any rain that comes your way, just like you blocked the persistent rays of the sun.