KOEDN® Cantilever Structures

At the epicenter of KOEDN®’s design ethos lies a commitment to exceptional functionality. KOEDN® shade structures aren't just any run-of-the-mill products, they're a revolution that beautifully blend the quintessential elements of outdoor living. With steadfast cantilever columns, robust roofs perfectly engineered for the tough Australian weather, and a timeless design that augments your lifestyle, they give more power, comfort, and elegance to your outdoor spaces.

Available in a wide range of dimensions and designs, these structures can be customised to suit your individual needs, helping you shape your ideal outdoor retreat.

As official installers of KOEDN® in locations including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and beyond, we at Shade Solutions Qld bring these innovative shade structures to your doorstep, helping you create inviting commercial or residential spaces that stand up to the elements and stand out in style.

Why Choose KOEDN®?

The Uniqueness of KOEDN®

What sets KOEDN® apart is its keen focus on crafting shade structures that harmoniously blend with the environment they are placed in. With options in square or round steel, a choice of a curved or straight span, and a variety of colour options, every detail of KOEDN® structures represents a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality.

The KOEDN® Story

Pioneering comfort for outdoor living, KOEDN® has created a range of shade structures that reflect ingenuity and durability. This brilliant fusion of state-of-the-art commercial-grade materials and designs inspired by the vastness of nature encapsulates the essence of KOEDN®. Experience outdoor luxury at its best with KOEDN®, curated to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Discover The KOEDN® Range

Explore the collection of KOEDN® structures, offering various sizes and options to perfectly match your outdoor space requirements.

iKOE Series

The iKOE range by KOEDN offers a sleek, functional alternative to traditional shade solutions, featuring:

  • Maintenance-free design with maximum coverage,
  • Heavy-duty aluminium tracks and custom no-stretch cables for lasting durability,
  • Unique patented slimline corner design for additional clearance,
  • Available in both square and round profiles for aesthetic variety,
  • Engineered to exceed local government building codes,
  • Customisable heights and foundation plates to fit any location.

The iKOE series is available in the following models to cater to diverse needs:

  • iKOE Single: Perfect for single-car shade, pool shading, patio shading, and boat covers.
  • iKOE Multiportal: Ideal for multi-car shading, pool shading, patio shading, park shading, boat covers, and oval shading.
  • iKOE Butterfly: Functions as a multipurpose shade for gazebos/pools, multi-car shade, office breakout areas, car parks, or dual vehicles.
  • iKOE Butterfly Multiportal: An excellent choice for commercial car parks, oval or field shading, COLA’s.

Alcove Series

The Alcove series by KOEDN provides more coverage, bringing together unbeatable strength and aesthetic allure in large spanning portals. Making it a perfect match for large-scale carports, outdoor living spaces, and commercial applications.

  • Structural and lightweight, the Alcove series embodies superior engineering and sleek modern design, making it capable of spanning up to 10 metres.
  • The Alcove surpasses building standards and meets the needs of discerning clients seeking brilliance in design and functionality.
  • Maintenance-free design crafted with heavy-duty aluminium tracks and custom mould-resistant, no-stretch fabrics.

The Alcove Series is the ultimate choice for:

  • 4 Car Shade: Ideal for large driveways or carports, providing ample shade and protection for multiple vehicles.
  • Outdoor Areas: Perfect for covering larger outdoor living spaces, providing UV protection and a cooler environment.
  • Patio's/Living Areas: Excellent for covering patios, decks, and other outdoor living spaces, creating a comfortable, shaded area for relaxation.

LUDA Series

The LUDA series by KOEDN is a premium cantilever shade solution, designed for a superior outdoor living experience.

  • Features concealed steel from the underside for a seamless waterproof or shade membrane ceiling, uncovering the beauty of function.
  • Beautifully crafted and built strong, with interlocking framework surpassing Australian engineering standards.
  • Offers unobstructed clearance and commanding views due to its single-sided columns, making flexible placement a breeze.
  • Engineered with a sleek corner design that maximises height and provides ample clearance to its underside.

The LUDA series is ideal for:

  • Luxury: Instilling a sense of elegance and luxury in your outdoor area.
  • Gazebos: Perfect for providing shade and style for outdoor gazebo areas.
  • Premium Patios: Enhancing your premium patio with ample shade and aesthetic appeal.
  • Double Cars: Offering robust and stylish protection for two vehicles.

Commercial Project with KOEDN®

Sesame Lane Childcare Project

This collaboration merges our installation expertise with KOEDN's innovative outdoor solutions, resulting in a structure that enhances the childcare centre's aesthetic and prioritises safety and functionality.  Heights were customised to meet emergency and fire access requirements, ensuring peace of mind for staff, parents, and the little ones.

Shade Solutions Qld specialises in turning visions into reality. Whether you envision a commercial transformation or a residential oasis, our partnership with KOEDN® ensures your dreams will be expertly crafted into tangible structures.

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