The Blinds You’ll Fall In Love With

Blinds are a homes’ best friend. Every modern home you see wears a proud pair of blinds on every window. The popularity of blinds can only testify to how beneficial they are for a home. With the right blinds, you can have the privacy you desire, provide some much-needed shade, and increase your home’s value in the process.

At Shade Solutions QLD, we understand that every home is different and that it needs a different type of blinds. Here, you can find various types of blinds that suit your home and your needs. Pick the design, style, shape, and size, and end up with a customized product that you’ll love.

Two of the most popular and convenient blind systems we offer to our users are:

Panel Glides

The Panel Glide system was originally designed as a modern alternative to the vertical blind. Panels glide effortlessly through multiple tracking channels with the use of an operating wand, eliminating the need for chains and safety devices. This provides a simple, sleek and elegant look for the overall space.

Panel Glide advantages include:

  • Opening at the left, right or in the centre makes them the ideal window covering solution for sliding doors and large windows, and the perfect choice for an inexpensive room divider
  • When open, the panels stack neatly behind each other; sliding them closed creates a complete fabric display used to control privacy and light filtration
  • Choose matching fabrics for Roller blinds or Romans to create consistent decor throughout the home

Vision Blinds

Shade Solutions Qld offers you a range of Vision Blinds. They go great with classic and contemporary homes, so they’ll surely fit in with your home, too. The high-quality material is met with a stunning design to provide you with complete privacy and softened lighting.

Vision blinds advantages include:

  • When the blind is completely shut, your home transforms into a work of art. This is the boldest statement you can make.
  •  If you have children, you’ll be happy to know that you can see them playing even when the blinds are closed.
  • Still, even though you’ll be able to see outside when the blinds are closed, people won’t be able to see inside. You’ll have all the privacy you want.

General Benefits of Blinds

Regardless of what kind of blinds you opt for, you can’t deny the exceptional benefits they carry with them.

  • They’re more affordable than drapes. Even custom made blinds will end up costing less than custom made drapes.
  • They’re highly customisable. The possibilities when it comes to design, style, and colour are endless.
  • They’re very energy efficient. Because blinds create an extra layer of insulation, they reduce heat in the summer and retain it in the winter. That helps save energy costs and even reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Good news for many parents is that blinds are also kid-friendly. With a lot of child-safety features you can include, like cordless operation and retractable cords, you can be sure your child is safe.

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