The Best Roller Blinds You’ll Find

A modern and elegant home deserves the blinds which can keep up. Roller blinds are the cutting edge blinds on the market which give your home the aesthetic appeal and shade like no other blinds could before. They’re especially useful for homes with a lot of windows and glass that need covering.

At Shade Solutions, you’ll find the best roller blinds and sunscreens on the market. Treat your home to the luxury it deserves.

Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds feature contemporary design, as well as an extensive range of colours and fabric choices. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, our Roller Blinds include an aluminium roller tube as standard, and fabrics can be matched with our Panel Glides, Roman and Vertical Blinds to complete your design.

By combining the aesthetic features with our panel, roman, or vertical blinds, you’re drastically increasing the wow factor of your home. The taste and sophistication that come with the blinds are unmatched by anything else.

Roller Blind options include:

  •         The exclusive use of hardware, available in classic chain drive.
  •         Multiple blinds using a single chain operation.
  •         Dual Blinds, two blinds in one application. Sunscreen and block out. Great for privacy.
  •         Motorised options are available, all with remote control operation.

  fabrics are fantastic for maintaining the view, whilst reducing glare and harmful UV rays. You can choose between practical block out, light filtering and light and heat controlling sunscreen fabrics.

Sun Screens

Sunscreens have become one of the most demanded products due to their versatility and practicality.

Sunscreens allow you to let in light, reduce heat & glare, all the while keeping your privacy. Despite your home being completely protected from prying eyes and the sun, you won’t lose the view you have over your neighbourhood. Having a wide range of colours and weave variations from 3% to 10%, we are sure to have an option to suit your needs.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual Roller Blinds combine two Roller Blinds. One blind is usually a Sunscreen, providing day time privacy and protection from harmful UV rays, and the other is a Block out roller blind which provides night time privacy and insulation.

Benefits of roller blinds

Whether you opt for classic roller blinds, sunscreens, or dual roller blinds- the benefits are endless. The popularity of the product can only testify to its usefulness and life-improving features.

Durability: roller blinds have proven to be extremely durable due to their simple yet high-quality design. They open and close very easily, meaning they won’t wear out anytime soon. The strong aluminium barrels and high-quality fabrics make our roller blinds even more durable than the standard pair.

Affordable: though roller blinds look luxurious, they’re very affordable. This is your best solution for privacy, light control, child-safety, and even energy-saving.

Flexibility: because the hardware used to operate roller blinds poses no threat to your pets or children, the blinds can be used practically anywhere. Bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kids’ rooms can all shine with the same luxury and style without fear of injury.

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