Shade Sail Maintenance

Shade sails are a great way to provide shade and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. They are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties, as well as schools, early learning centres, aged care facilities, councils, and government agencies. However, like any structure, shade sails require regular maintenance to ensure they remain safe and functional.

At Shade Solutions QLD, we have been providing shade sail maintenance services since 2002. Our team is fully licensed by the QBCC and has up-to-date Blue Card, Police Checks, and White Card certifications. We service areas from Brisbane through to Noosa and offer a range of services to help keep your shade sails in top condition.

FAQ about Shade Sail Maintenance

Shade Solutions QLD provides various services to ensure the longevity of shade sails. These services include safety inspections, restoration, repairs, storage, and detailed reports on the condition of each sail.

Shade sails are vulnerable to high winds that can impact their welded, bolted, and supporting structures. In addition, shade sails can accumulate harmful substances like mould, droppings, dirt, and environmental particles, making proper cleaning important. Routine maintenance is essential to guarantee the safety and durability of shade sails.

Shade Solutions QLD employs a gentle cleaning method that is eco-friendly and does not utilize harsh chemicals or abrasives. This technique effectively revitalizes shade sails, maintaining their cleanliness and vibrancy throughout the year and extending their overall lifespan.

Shade Sail over pool being maintained

Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning Services

At Shade Solutions QLD, we offer the following services to help maintain and prolong the life of your shade sails:

  • Safety Inspections - We will inspect each sail to determine the safety of the hardware, posts, and mountings.
  • Rejuvenation - We can clean your sails to bring them back to almost new using a unique soft clean process.
  • Repair - We can save your sails and extend their life with a complete restitch and repair to holes.
  • Storage - We can take down your sail and store it when it is not required, prolonging its lifespan. We can also reinstall the sail leading into summer.
  • Report - We will provide you with a report on the condition of each sail, along with a cost for recommended action.

Why Shade Sail Maintenance is Important

Shade sails and structures can be subject to high continuous winds, which can affect their welded, bolted, and supporting structures. This can lead to fatigue and compromise the safety of the structure. Regular inspections can help to ensure that the structure is maintained and in a safe condition throughout its life. Additionally, shade sails can build up mould, droppings, dirt, and environmental particles, which can be dangerous if not cleaned properly.

At Shade Solutions QLD, we use an environmentally friendly soft process to clean shade sails and avoid the use of acidic chemicals and harsh abrasives. These products can greatly reduce the lifespan of your shade sail and even void its warranty.

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