Plantation Shutters That Just Open Up Your Home

We have an extensive range of elegant and contemporary shutters for windows and doors, each custom-made to fit and to match any design in your home or office.

At Shade Solutions Qld, we pride ourselves on knowing which product will be the best solution for the space and the situation. There are several design options to consider when deciding on the style of shutter most suitable for your window and door design. With our attention to the finer details of your room, we can help you decide which one is right for you.

Choosing The Materials

Different materials can be used to make the perfect plantation shutters. The most common material and type you find is composite and wood. The atmosphere in your home can greatly depend on the kind of material you choose for your plantation shutters. Though wood gives a more rustic and cozy feeling, composite tends to be more durable while offering a classic timeless look.

Aluminium and vinyl are also available. Aluminium works best with large windows which need to be fitted with something light, while vinyl is used in areas with high moisture content as it is resistant to warping.

Deciding On The Style

Plantation shutters come in many different styles. You can easily choose a style that completely matches your interior design- you don’t have to stick to just one option. This is great because it gives you more options to actually choose from, but also because it makes your home and your shutters more unique. Classic plantation shutters are used in making window frames; they’re designed with wide louvres that can open and close easily.

You also have cottage style plantation shutters which consist of small louvres. They’re mainly installed on window frame hinges.

Going For Insulation

Though people usually opt for plantation shutters because of their aesthetic qualities, most are pleasantly surprised with their insulative qualities. Regardless of the material and style you go for, plantation shutters will help you keep heat out of the place in the summer and help retain it in the winter. After all, plantation shutters allow you to have much more control over the amount of light that enters your home than blinds and curtains ever could.

Of course, some materials will provide a better layer of insulation than others. Aluminium, for example, will do a better job than wood.

Pinpointing Practicality

Practicality should also be one of the deciding factors of your plantation shutters. As different materials have different purposes and applications, it’s no wonder that different plantation shutters will be suitable for different areas of the house. As well as that, you’ll also have to think about who lives in your home.

Wood plantation shutters are very popular, yet they aren’t so suitable for families with young children. The same goes for aluminium plantation shutters, as they might be dangerous to have with kids in the house.

Shade Solutions QLD understands that practicality depends on many factors, which is why we’ll help you decide which plantation shutters are perfect for you according to your living situation.