Outdoor Awnings For Every Home

Outdoor awnings are perfect for any home which has a stylish backyard and a lot of windows which simply seem like they could use an upgrade. Adding outdoor awnings guarantees that your home is stylish and elegant, as well as protected from the weather at all times.

The outdoor awnings Shade Solutions QLD provides are reliable, stylish, and fit into any home perfectly. After all, we check with you and check out your home to figure out exactly what type of outdoor awnings you need.

Our range of stylish and high-quality awnings include:

  • Traditional Awnings are one of the most widely used products to shelter and protect windows from everyday problems. There are several variations for you to consider when choosing one for your home or commercial premises. There are many different designs of traditional awnings which means that you’ll always be able to find the type that goes best with your home or commercial area. Traditional outdoor awnings can be just the thing you need to refresh the exterior of your home and give it some much-needed shade.
  • Auto Lock Awnings are great for your lowest windows. Simply slide the awning up or down on the guide rod and arms for your desired use. It provides you with sun control, heat reduction, privacy and also adds a lift to the appearance to your home. This awning is very durable in high winds and will self-retract in gusty winds. The lowest windows are usually the ones which are most affected by weather conditions and temperature changes, and with auto-lock outdoor awnings, you can counter these conditions and up the comfort level in your home.
  • Straight Drop Top Spring Awnings are fantastic for balconies and give you protection from the sun and weather whilst also providing privacy. You’ll love to use them yearlong, as they’ll let you enjoy the sunny weather and even the warm rainy weather characteristic for spring and autumn. The privacy of your balcony will once again be restored, and you’ll never have to stay inside because of the weather anymore.
  • Pivot Arm Awnings are ideally suited for high set windows. Combined with either internal operation or motorised options, this awning will give you the ability to reduce heat, weather and sun control. Pivoting from a spring-tensioned arm you can position the awning to your desired level. Your lower windows aren’t the only ones who deserve attention and some shade.

The fabric used in all Shade Solutions Qld awning ranges includes Clear PVC (Straight Drop Spring) to acrylic and sunscreen ranges. Because of the materials we use and our extensive experience, you can be sure that we’ll provide you with the highest quality outdoor awnings on the Australian market. You’ll get to enjoy them for years to come as well as increase your property value and up the level of class of your home. Whatever your needs are, you can’t go wrong with the outdoor awnings provided by Shade Solutions QLD.

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