Welcome to Shade Solutions QLD

Though we all love the sun, we have to admit that it can sometimes be borderline annoying. Enjoying your home or garden in the warm summer days becomes impossible due to the glare which makes you sweat and can give you a headache. Shade Solutions understands this. Thanks to our years of experience, we can give you the shade you need, so you can enjoy the weather regardless of how persistent the sun is.

Trust us when we say that we’ve got a shade solution for your every need.

Who are we?

Shade Solutions is one of the most experienced companies in Australia. Being in business for 30 years, we’ve managed to build a reputation as an expert who can cater to their customer’s every need. Those 30 years have taught us to read people, listen to our customers, and allowed us to perfect our shades. Now, that means that we’re able to provide service of the highest quality to anyone who asks.

Your home can once again have both style and comfort, as we approach every job individually and provide customized service. That means that the shades you order will be tailored to your home not just by size, but also by design, shape, and colour. Our job is to make things fit like a glove and give you the comfort you deserve.

Products we offer

At Shade Solutions QLD, we understand that your home might need more than just shade sails. Here, you can find virtually every type of shade that you need.

  •         Shade sails

Whether you need pool or outdoor shade sails, or retractable and even custom shade sails, we’ve got you covered. Sitting by the pool or enjoying your backyard doesn’t have to be uncomfortable any longer. You’ll get to spend the warm spring and summer days outside from morning till dark without having to worry about risking sunburn.

  •         Awnings

Awnings are a great addition to any home, regardless of if they’re retractable, meant for windows, folding arm, or outdoor awnings. They make the whole house look more stylish and provide you with the shade you need, any time of the day. Make your home cozier, give your porch or patio the shade in needs, and lower temperatures significantly in your home.

  •         Blinds

No window today can do without blinds. They keep the sun out and give you some privacy, but they also make you feel safer when night falls. Still, blinds aren’t only good for comfort and protection. They’re great window accessories that can tie the whole home together.

  •         Window Shutters

If you’re looking for a stylish way to protect your windows and home from the sun, shutters should be your main choice. They’re sturdy, elegant, and give you the shade and privacy that you need and deserve.

  •         Umbrellas

Shade sails aren’t the only thing that can make sitting outside more comfortable. From pool umbrellas to patio and shade umbrellas, you’ll be able to finally relax comfortably outside under the most sophisticated piece of shading equipment.