Total Privacy with Blockout Blinds

If you’re looking for a way to gain complete control over how much privacy, light, and noise you have in the apartment or house, then blockout blinds are for you. They’re extremely useful, easy to maintain, highly-functional, and they make a bold statement. Blockout blinds can fit any home regardless of style and design.

Modernising your home and giving it everything it deserves has never been easier. Your window fittings don’t have to be empty and without style any longer. There are many benefits to blockout blinds, and Shade Solutions knows how to use them to your advantage.

Heat Protection

What makes blockout blinds different form other blinds is that they protect your home from the heat more efficiently. Artificial and natural light can easily be blocked, so you don’t have to worry about your home overheating. That’s why blockout blinds are perfect for rooms with large windows that receive a lot of direct light. As well as that, they’ll suit the rooms where glare and heat is a big concern. It’s also going to be much easier for you and your kids to rest and sleep during the day.

More Privacy

Blinds, in general, are great ways of introducing more privacy to your home, but blockout blinds are even better because of the opaque fabric they’re made of. This means that no one will be able to see inside regardless of how much light there is. In other words, you’ll have as much privacy during the evenings and nights as you do during the day. This could also make you feel much safer in your own home.


Because blockout blinds protect you from the heat better, they will lower your energy bills. There won’t be a need to turn on your AC so often, as you’ll have natural shade and decreased temperature levels. By adding an extra layer of insulation with blockout blinds, you’re directly conserving energy, lowering your bills, and helping the environment.

No Noise

Light and heat aren’t the only things blockout blinds get rid of. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, or your window looks onto the street, we can imagine how noisy your home can get. With blockout blinds, you’ll finally get some much-needed peace and quiet and get some quality shuteye. The thick fabric of the blinds makes them so perfect for blocking out the noise you simply don’t want to put up with any longer.

No Allergens

Pollen and dust can be found all around the house, especially between the vanes of various blinds. They cause you and your family to sneeze and make your home more uncomfortable than it needs to be. No matter how often you clean, it seems that the allergens are still there. With blockout blinds, you won’t have to worry about them so much. Most are made with low allergenic fabric, thus effectively getting rid of the allergens that have been tormenting your family for ages. This is especially convenient for families with kids who suffer from various allergies.


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