The Best Venetian Blinds On The Aussie Market

Every home needs some high-quality and aesthetically pleasing blinds that fit in well with the rest of the interior design. It’s no wonder then that, because of their versatility and ability to fit into any home, Venetian blinds are among the most popular choices of blinds. Aside from the emphasis on style that they provide, Venetian blinds are also famous for many other benefits that they offer.


Venetian blinds offer a lot of control over what goes into the home or office through a window and what doesn’t. Since they’re so flexible, you can choose how much privacy you have, how much light there is, how restricted your view is, and how much airflow there is. This allows you to create the perfect environment, regardless of where you are.


We all know how annoying cleaning a home or office can be. Venetian blinds are extremely easy to maintain. You can just brush a vacuum over them, and they’ll be sparkly clean once more. Dust accumulated easily on all surfaces and takes ages to clean, so this is a huge plus.


Venetian blinds are very affordable and fit for anyone, despite the budget you have set for your windows. They’re the first choice of anyone who wants functional and aesthetic blinds at an affordable price.


The colour, material, size, and operation options are entirely up to you. That allows you to suit your Venetian blinds exactly to your needs and preferences. They can also match the style of your home or office perfectly.


We’ve already mentioned that Venetian blinds are very versatile. They make good choices for both modern and traditional homes, which is really rare for blinds. They’ll fit in perfectly in any corner of the home and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home effortlessly.

At Shade Solutions QLD, we offer many types of Venetian blinds. Amongst the most sophisticated and most popular choices we have are:

Timber Venetian Blinds

All of our blinds are fitted with a lift & tilt cord on a durable metal headrail and are finished off with a matching pelmet, providing the whole space with a modern and streamlined look.

Timber Venetian options include:

  • Basswood – 50m Blades in a stained and lacquered finish
  • Abachi Passion – an intense grain and colour variation on each blade
  • Abachi Retro – a subtle grain which also comes in white finishes

Vision Wood & Woodmate – great alternatives to natural wood, and ideal for areas with high humidity (available in 50 & 63mm slats)

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Our range of Aluminium Venetians provide a contemporary atmosphere to any home or workplace and are available in several widths depending on the look you are after. These aluminium slats are 0.21mm (20%) thicker than most competitors, making them look better whilst providing stability and durability. All of our aluminium blinds come fitted with lift cords and wand tilt operation.

Aluminium Venetian options include:

  • Slimline (25mm) blades
  •  Micro (16mm) blades
  • Traditional (50mm) blades
  •  Block out and Perforated blades

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