The Best Outdoor Shade Sails You’ll Find

Whether you’ve got a patio, yard, pool, or commercial area that needs some shade you’ll find the right fit with Shade Solutions QLD. We’ve got the best and most high-quality outdoor shade sails you’ll find in all of Australia. What makes us different is that we understand the needs of our clients due to our extensive years of experience. Treating every project individually, we’re able to give your home or commercial property exactly what it needs.

Outdoor shade sails have the power to tie the place completely together, give it new visual appeal, protect you from the weather, and even increase your property value. Being a social butterfly has never been easier, either, as your friends and family will love the new addition to the property as much as you do.

Let’s see exactly what you get when you opt for outdoor shade sails:

Aesthetic Appeal

If you’ve run out of ideas to make the exterior of your home more aesthetically pleasing, it means you haven’t added outdoor shade sails yet. You’ll love the effect they have on the area of your choice, as they have the power to blend into any environment perfectly. 

This is, of course, because you get to choose the materials and colours of your new outdoor shade sails to ensure they match your vision and your backyard. With our tips regarding shape and size, you’ll just love the final result.


Never again do you have to feel like you’re in the centre of attention when you don’t want to be so. Outdoor shade sails shield your property from prying eyes and curious looks. They allow you to enjoy the shade in complete peace and serenity. 

You’ll never have to worry about someone stepping in or looking on when you’re just trying to relax. You’ll also have a much more intimate atmosphere on your hands. That’s just perfect for intimate gatherings with friends or even romantic evenings with that special someone.


When you know you’re safe from the rain and the sun, you instantly become more comfortable in your own backyard. All the effort you’ve put in decorating the most precious areas of your home will finally pay off. It’s going to be much more comfortable sitting outside in the shade, on comfy furniture, when there’s literally nothing to pull you away from that perfect spot.


Playing outside and hanging out in the sun isn’t only annoying because your neighbours might see you and complain, but it’s also genuinely bad for you. The sun isn’t as gentle as it used to be, which means that being constantly exposed to it may result in an injury like sunburn. 

On the other hand, Australian weather is known for its fickleness and you never really know when the rain might hit the ground. With outdoor shade sails, you’ll never have to worry about these things again. Neither you or your furniture will have to suffer the harmful effects of the sun or the rain.

Colour Charts

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