Convenient And Beautiful Retractable Shade Sails

Shade sails make an amazing addition to any domestic or commercial property. They allow you to enjoy your property in peace, and to actually have some nice shade even during the hottest days of the summer. The only thing that conventional shade sails lack is the ability to disappear and appear when you need them. That’s where retractable shade sails come into play. You can finally have full control over your property and its shade.

Shade Solutions QLD recognizes the benefits of retractable shade sails and that’s exactly why we recommend them to our customers. They have the power to greatly improve your property and make all of its features that much better. Let’s see exactly how.

Complete Control Over The Shade

As we’ve mentioned, conventional shade sails give you the shade you need but never give you the opportunity to see the sun. With retractable shade sails, you’ll have more control over your shade than ever before.

On days where it’s just not that sunny, your retractable shade sails can simply be put away and you can once again enjoy the full openness of your property. Even in summer days when the sun is just right in the mornings or late afternoons, you can retract your shade sails and enjoy the sunshine.

More Privacy

Your yard doesn’t have to be open to all prying eyes and curious minds anymore. When you don’t feel like being part of the world, you can simply extend your retractable shade sails and enjoy the solitude without anyone peeping in.

Once you’re ready to rejoin the world, all you have to do is retract the sails, and your yard will once more be completely open. This is an ideal solution for intimate social gatherings, too. You and your friends can have that heart to heart over some wine, and you can always have a romantic and private evening with the one you love.


Being more comfortable in your own backyard has never been possible until now. The retractable shade sails will accompany the rest of the high-quality furniture and décor perfectly. You’ll be able to enjoy everything your yard has to offer simply because you’ll have adequate shade to shield you from the ever-changing weather conditions. The money you put into the comfort of your backyard will finally start paying off.


You’ll have full protection from harmful UV rays, and so will your furniture. The sun doesn’t affect furniture the same way as it affects us, but it can make the colour fade or even make the wood crack. You won’t have to run inside as soon as rain starts falling or try to save your seating area from getting wet.  

This all keeps you safe and healthy while prolonging the life and quality of your furniture. The retractable shade sails are more durable themselves, as they can simply be retracted when you know you won’t be using the yard for the day. All in all, it’s an investment that pays itself off.

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